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"SAVE NOW"...Getting your curves and physique back!!!

If you have decided that there are small areas of fat that you can not lose no matter what you do and have decided that cuts in the skin, anesthesia, swelling, recuperation with pain pills & a big bill are not for you, then consider reduction of those stubborn spots with a FDA-approved nonsurgical procedure used to reduce areas of stubborn fat by injuring the fat cells with laser energy allowing the body's immune systems to absorb & remove the damaged cells. You have a 25-minute treatment that reduces up to 24% of treated fat over a 4 month period. 3 treatments are recommened and scheduled at 2 months intervals for optimal results.  There is no downtime or money loss from missing work & you don't change any activities during the fat reducing period. This is “NOT” designed for weight loss...only loss of stubborn areas of fat.  If you can exchange immediate surgical liposuction results and inconvenience for nonsurgical results for patience without inconvenience over a 12 week period then this is for you.
Get your curves and physique back...safely.

Don't hide all of your hard work under fat that refuses to move!

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Brown sees patients safely in his Silver Spring, Maryland office for a limited number of days per week and via Telehealth. At this time, Telemedicine is the safer way to receive medical care.