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The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Alopecia is usually considered a medical condition. Alopecia can have a plethora of origins, but ALL can carry a certain level of anxiety, shame and even depression. As your physician my responsibility is to determine if what you have is dangerous or contagious and explain why you have alopecia. My mission is to offer treatment options and camouflage strategies so you can continue with your life. It is true that in many instances alopecia can be an indicator of medical problems with systemic effects and internal origins. Treatments for alopecia range from simple to complex, painless to painful and inexpensive to expensive; however, none of these treatment choices may Interest you. You may have possibly decided to simply wear a Cranial Hair Prosthesis (wig) in response to your alopecia and that is your prerogative. A Cranial Hair Prosthesis is a prescription scalp/hair covering that is custom-designed for camouflaging your hair loss to diminish the anxiety, shame and depression caused by alopecia.

If you have insurance or a health savings plan your certified hair loss specialist will contact your insurance carrier for coverage. Irregardless of whether you have insurance or not the purchase of your Cranial Hair Prosthesis can be added to your medical tax deductions when you file taxes. Please retain a copy of the prescription and ALL out-of-pocket expenses so each year the cost of your Cranial Hair Prosthesis can be considered when you file taxes. If you are required to travel and stay in a hotel to honor your appointment with your certified hair loss specialist ALL of those receipts should also be retained along with your prescription for tax purposes. Check with your tax preparer for an up-to-date tax interpretation regarding these medical expenses.

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